CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360

DEFINITION:The CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360 is a top-of-the-line ice hockey skate designed for professional players. It features a monoframe construction that provides enhanced stability and energy transfer, allowing for powerful strides and quick acceleration on the ice.


1. What is the Monoframe construction in the CCM Super Tacks 360 skate?
The Monoframe construction refers to the design where the boot and holder are fused into one piece, creating a seamless connection and eliminating the need for screws or rivets. This construction enhances the overall stiffness and stability of the skate, resulting in improved performance.

2. Can the CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360 be customized for a perfect fit?
Yes, these skates come with a heat-moldable boot, allowing for a personalized fit. By heating the skate in a specialized oven and wearing them during the cooling process, the boot molds to the player’s foot shape for maximum comfort and performance.

3. Does the CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360 provide good protection?
Yes, these skates offer excellent protection to the player’s feet. They are equipped with reinforced toe caps, ankle padding, and a snug fit to prevent injuries from impacts and provide added support during intense gameplay.

4. How does the CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360 enhance energy transfer?
The Monoframe construction of these skates ensures an optimal connection between the boot and the holder, allowing for better energy transfer from the player’s stride to the ice. This translates into increased power, speed, and agility on the ice.

5. Are the CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360 suitable for professional players only?
While these skates are designed to meet the needs of professional players, they can also be beneficial for serious amateur players who seek high-performance equipment. The advanced features and technology in the Super Tacks 360 offer advantages to all skill levels.

6. How durable are the CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360 skates?
These skates are built with durability in mind. The Monoframe construction ensures a solid and long-lasting skate, while high-quality materials and reinforced components provide added strength and resistance to wear and tear.

7. Can I change the holder on the CCM Super Tacks Monoframe 360 skate?
No, the holder on the Super Tacks Monoframe 360 skate is integrated into the monoframe construction. Therefore, it cannot be replaced or swapped out independently. However, the holder is designed to offer optimal performance and durability, so there shouldn’t be a need for replacement under normal circumstances.