CCM Super Tacks 892 Pants

DEFINITION:CCM Super Tacks 892 Pants: These are a type of hockey pants manufactured by CCM, a leading brand in ice hockey equipment. The Super Tacks 892 Pants are designed to provide maximum protection and comfort to the player while on the ice.


1. What is the material used in the construction of CCM Super Tacks 892 Pants?
Answer: The Super Tacks 892 Pants are made using a durable and lightweight blend of nylon and polyester materials.

2. Are these pants suitable for both professional and recreational players?
Answer: Yes, the CCM Super Tacks 892 Pants are suitable for players of all levels, including professionals and recreational players.

3. Do these pants provide sufficient protection for the lower body?
Answer: Absolutely! The Super Tacks 892 Pants are equipped with integrated padding and reinforced panels to provide excellent protection for the lower body.

4. Can I adjust the fit of the pants to my preference?
Answer: Yes, these pants come with an adjustable belt system and a lace-up front for a personalized fit and secure closure.

5. Are these pants breathable for extended use on the ice?
Answer: Yes, the CCM Super Tacks 892 Pants feature mesh inserts and a moisture-wicking liner to promote airflow and keep you cool and dry during gameplay.

6. Are these pants available in different sizes?
Answer: Yes, CCM offers a range of sizes for the Super Tacks 892 Pants, ensuring there is an option available to fit players of different body types.

7. Do these pants have any additional features?
Answer: Yes, the CCM Super Tacks 892 Pants come with reinforced thigh guards, a floating spine protector, and customizable outer shell, providing extra protection and personalization options for players.