CCM Stick Size Chart

DEFINITION: CCM Stick Size Chart is a visual representation of the various stick lengths and flex options offered by CCM, a popular hockey equipment manufacturer. It helps players select the appropriate stick size according to their height and playing style.

1. What information does the CCM Stick Size Chart provide?
The CCM Stick Size Chart provides information on stick lengths and flex options for players to choose from based on their height, playing style, and personal preference.

2. How can I find the CCM Stick Size Chart?
The CCM Stick Size Chart can be found on CCM’s official website, in their product catalogs, or at local hockey equipment retailers.

3. Do stick length and flex play a significant role in performance?
Yes, stick length and flex can greatly affect a player’s performance on the ice. Choosing the correct size stick ensures proper stickhandling, shooting, and overall control.

4. How do I determine the appropriate stick length for my height?
The CCM Stick Size Chart provides recommended stick lengths based on height. Stand barefoot with your hockey skates on, and the stick’s blade should reach somewhere between your nose and chin.

5. What is stick flex and how does it affect my game?
Stick flex refers to the flexibility or stiffness of the stick shaft. The higher the flex rating, the more whip or bending the stick will have during shots. Flex affects the accuracy, power, and release of your shots.

6. Can I cut down a stick that is too long for me?
Yes, you can easily cut down a stick if it is too long for your liking. However, be sure to consider the impact on the stick’s flex and performance, as cutting a stick may alter its characteristics.

7. Is the CCM Stick Size Chart suitable for all players?
The CCM Stick Size Chart provides a general guideline for stick selection. However, personal preferences and playing style may vary, so it’s always a good idea to try out different stick lengths and flex options to find what works best for you.