CCM Stick Lie Chart

DEFINITION: CCM Stick Lie Chart is a visual representation or chart that illustrates the different lie options available for CCM (Canadian Company Manufacturing) hockey sticks. Lie refers to the angle at which the blade of the stick rests on the ice surface when the player is in a neutral stance.

1. What is the purpose of the CCM Stick Lie Chart?
The CCM Stick Lie Chart helps players choose the right lie option for their hockey stick based on their skating style and body position. This ensures optimal blade-to-ice contact and maximizes stick handling and shooting performance.

2. How is the CCM Stick Lie Chart organized?
The CCM Stick Lie Chart typically categorizes the lie options from low to high numbers, with each number representing a specific angle. The chart may also include additional details on blade curve options, flex ratings, and other stick specifications.

3. What lie should I choose for my CCM hockey stick?
The right lie choice depends on various factors such as your height, skating posture, and personal preference for stick handling and shooting. It is recommended to consult with a knowledgeable hockey equipment specialist or try out different lie options to find the one that feels most comfortable and effective for you.

4. How does a lower lie number differ from a higher lie number?
A lower lie number corresponds to a flatter blade angle, while a higher lie number represents a more upright blade angle. A lower lie number is typically suited for players with lower stances, whereas a higher lie number is better for players with more upright skating postures.

5. Can I change the lie of my CCM hockey stick?
CCM hockey sticks generally come with a fixed lie, which cannot be adjusted. If you find that the lie of your stick is not suitable for your playing style, it is recommended to try sticks with different lie options to find the one that works best for you.

6. How does the lie affect stick handling and shooting?
The lie of a hockey stick directly influences the blade-to-ice contact, which can significantly impact stick handling and shooting performance. A proper lie ensures the blade lies flat on the ice surface, allowing for better puck control, accuracy, and power in shots.

7. Are CCM Stick Lie Charts applicable to other hockey stick brands?
While the CCM Stick Lie Chart is specifically designed for CCM hockey sticks, the concept of stick lie is relevant to all hockey stick brands. Other brands may have their own lie charts or recommendations, but the basic principle remains the same – finding the proper lie for optimal on-ice performance.