CCM Stick Kick Points

DEFINITION: CCM Stick Kick Points
The CCM Stick Kick Points refer to the specific areas on a CCM hockey stick where the maximum energy transfer occurs during a shot. These kick points are strategically designed by CCM to optimize power and accuracy for players.


1. What are kick points in a CCM hockey stick?
Kick points are specific areas on a CCM hockey stick that are engineered to maximize the energy transfer from the stick to the puck during a shot. This results in increased power and accuracy.

2. How many kick points are there in a CCM hockey stick?
CCM hockey sticks typically feature two kick points: a low kick point and a mid-kick point. These options allow players to choose the one that suits their playing style and shooting preferences.

3. What is the difference between a low kick point and a mid-kick point in a CCM stick?
A low kick point is located closer to the blade of the stick, making it ideal for quick release shots and wrist shots. On the other hand, a mid-kick point is placed higher up the shaft, providing more power and stability for slap shots and one-timers.

4. Can I change the kick point on my CCM hockey stick?
No, the kick point on CCM hockey sticks is fixed and cannot be altered. However, CCM offers sticks with different kick point options, allowing players to choose the one that suits their playing style.

5. How do I know which kick point is best for me?
Determining the best kick point for you depends on your shooting style and preferences. If you rely on quick release shots and wristers, a stick with a low kick point may be more suitable. Alternatively, if you take more slap shots and one-timers, a stick with a mid-kick point might provide better results.

6. Are kick points specific to CCM hockey sticks only?
No, kick points are a term commonly used in the hockey industry to describe the specific areas of energy transfer on any hockey stick. However, the design and location of the kick points can vary between different stick brands.

7. Can kick points affect my overall performance in the game?
Yes, the kick point of your hockey stick can significantly impact your performance. Choosing the right kick point can enhance your shot power, accuracy, and overall puck control. It is important to choose a stick with the appropriate kick point based on your playing style and shooting preferences.