CCM Stick Flex

CCM Stick Flex refers to the measurement of the flexibility of a hockey stick. It is widely recognized as an important factor in choosing a stick that suits a player’s style and preferences.


1. What is stick flex?
Stick flex refers to the degree of bendability or flexibility of a hockey stick shaft. It determines how much the shaft will bend when pressure is applied, such as when shooting or passing.

2. Why is stick flex important?
Stick flex is important because it directly affects a player’s shooting and passing abilities. The right stick flex allows players to generate more power and accuracy in their shots, while the wrong flex can hamper overall performance.

3. How is stick flex measured?
Stick flex is measured by the numerical value known as the flex rating. A stick with a lower flex rating, such as 65, will be stiffer and less flexible, while a higher flex rating, such as 100, indicates a more flexible shaft.

4. How do I determine the right stick flex for me?
The right stick flex depends on various factors, including a player’s height, weight, playing style, and personal preference. As a general guideline, a player weighing around 150-180 lbs typically uses a stick with a flex rating of 85-95.

5. Can stick flex be adjusted?
No, stick flex is not adjustable. Once a stick is manufactured with a certain flex rating, it cannot be changed later. Players must select a stick with the desired flex rating based on their individual needs.

6. Are there any disadvantages to using a stick with the wrong flex?
Using a stick with the wrong flex can lead to decreased accuracy, power, and control in shooting and passing. It can also contribute to increased risk of injury, as the stick may not respond properly to the player’s movements.

7. Is stick flex preference different for forwards and defensemen?
There is no fixed rule regarding stick flex preference for forwards and defensemen. It varies from player to player based on their individual style of play. Some forwards prefer a more flexible stick for increased power, while some defensemen may opt for a stiffer stick for better stability during defensive maneuvers.