CCM Stick Flex Points

DEFINITION: CCM Stick Flex Points
CCM Stick Flex Points refer to the specific locations on a hockey stick where it is designed to flex or bend during various movements and shots. The flex points are strategically placed to optimize the stick’s performance and provide players with enhanced shot power, accuracy, and puck feel.


1. What are the different flex points on a CCM hockey stick?
CCM hockey sticks typically feature two main flex points: the lower flex point and the mid flex point. These flex points are engineered to provide different benefits based on the player’s shooting style and preferences.

2. What is the purpose of the lower flex point?
The lower flex point on a CCM hockey stick is located near the blade. It allows for increased puck feel and control, making it ideal for quick releases and precise shots. This flex point enhances a player’s ability to generate snap and accuracy.

3. What benefits does the mid flex point offer?
The mid flex point on a CCM hockey stick is positioned halfway between the lower flex point and the shaft’s top. It provides a balanced blend of power and accuracy, making it a versatile option suitable for different shooting techniques and playing styles.

4. Can I change the flex points on a CCM stick?
The flex points on a CCM stick are determined by its design and construction. They cannot be altered or adjusted by the player. However, players can choose different stick models with varying flex profiles to suit their specific preferences.

5. How do flex points affect my shot power?
Flex points play a crucial role in transferring energy from the player’s body to the stick during a shot. The proper flex point allows for optimal energy loading and release, resulting in increased shot power and velocity.

6. Are flex points the same for all CCM stick models?
No, flex points can vary among different CCM stick models. Each stick model is specifically engineered with unique flex profiles, including variations in the location and stiffness of the flex points. It is essential to select a stick model that aligns with your playing style and shooting technique.

7. How do I choose the right CCM stick with suitable flex points?
Choosing the right CCM stick with suitable flex points depends on several factors, such as your shooting style, position, and personal preferences. It’s recommended to try out different stick models with varying flex profiles to determine which one feels most comfortable and enhances your performance on the ice.