CCM Stick Codes

DEFINITION: CCM Stick Codes are specific codes or markings on hockey sticks made by CCM (Canadian Cycle and Motor Company) that help players identify different models, specifications, and features of the stick.

1. What do CCM Stick Codes represent?
CCM Stick Codes represent various specifications and features of CCM hockey sticks, such as blade curve, flex, kick point, and even the stick model itself.

2. How do I find the CCM Stick Code on my hockey stick?
The CCM Stick Code is typically located on the shaft of the stick, near the blade. It is usually a combination of letters and numbers.

3. Can I use the CCM Stick Code to find the same stick model?
Yes, the CCM Stick Code can help you identify the specific stick model you have or want to purchase, making it easier to find the same stick or a similar one.

4. What information can I gather from a CCM Stick Code?
A CCM Stick Code can provide information about the blade curve type, flex rating, kick point location, and other unique features specific to that stick model.

5. Do all CCM hockey sticks have Stick Codes?
Yes, the majority of CCM hockey sticks come with Stick Codes. However, some older models or limited edition sticks may not have visible Stick Codes.

6. Can I customize the specifications of my CCM stick using the Stick Code?
No, the Stick Code simply represents the specifications and features of the stick as manufactured by CCM. Customization options may be available separately.

7. Are CCM Stick Codes universal?
No, CCM Stick Codes are specific to CCM hockey sticks only and are not interchangeable with stick codes or markings from other hockey stick manufacturers.