CCM Stick Blade Chart

CCM Stick Blade Chart: A visual guide provided by CCM, a leading hockey equipment manufacturer, that displays the different types of stick blades they offer, including the blade pattern, curve, and lie.


1. What is the purpose of the CCM Stick Blade Chart?
The CCM Stick Blade Chart is designed to help hockey players choose the right stick blade for their individual style of play and preferences.

2. How is the CCM Stick Blade Chart organized?
The CCM Stick Blade Chart is typically organized in a table format, with columns for the different blade patterns available and rows for the various curve options and lie angles.

3. What does the term “curve” refer to in the CCM Stick Blade Chart?
The term “curve” refers to the shape or bend of the blade. Different curves offer varying degrees of toe curves and open or closed face angles, allowing players to tailor their shot and stickhandling to their liking.

4. What does the term “lie” mean in the CCM Stick Blade Chart?
The term “lie” refers to the angle of the blade in relation to the shaft of the stick. A lower lie number indicates a flatter blade that lies closer to the ice, while a higher number represents a blade that is more upright.

5. How can I use the CCM Stick Blade Chart to find the right blade for me?
By considering your playing style, position, and preferences, you can use the CCM Stick Blade Chart to compare the different blade patterns, curves, and lies available, and choose the one that suits you best.

6. Can I find the CCM Stick Blade Chart online?
Yes, CCM makes their Stick Blade Chart available on their website and other online platforms, making it easily accessible for players and coaches alike.

7. Can I try out different stick blade options before making a decision?
Yes, it is recommended to try out different stick blades in order to find the one that feels most comfortable and effective for your gameplay. Many hockey stores may offer this option, allowing you to test different blades on the ice or shooting range.