CCM Senior Stick Length

DEFINITION: CCM Senior Stick Length
CCM Senior Stick Length refers to the length of a senior-sized hockey stick manufactured by CCM, a popular brand in the hockey industry. The length of a senior stick typically ranges between 57 and 62 inches, depending on the player’s preference and position.


1. What is the standard length of a CCM Senior Stick?
The standard length of a CCM Senior Stick falls within the range of 57 to 62 inches. However, players may choose to cut or extend the stick to suit their playing style.

2. How do I determine the right length of a CCM Senior Stick for me?
To determine the right length of a CCM Senior Stick, stand on skates and hold the stick upright with the blade on the ground. The top of the stick should reach the player’s chin or nose.

3. Can I cut a CCM Senior Stick to make it shorter?
Yes, CCM Senior Sticks can be cut to make them shorter. It is recommended to cut the stick from the top end to maintain proper flex and balance.

4. What if I need to extend a CCM Senior Stick? Is it possible?
Yes, it is possible to extend a CCM Senior Stick. Most sticks have a plug at the handle end that can be removed, allowing for an extension to be inserted. However, it is important to ensure the stick remains balanced and maintains its original flex.

5. Are there any disadvantages to using a longer CCM Senior Stick?
Using a longer CCM Senior Stick may provide better reach and control, but it can affect stickhandling and shooting mechanics. It is recommended to find a balance between reach and comfort.

6. Can a CCM Senior Stick be used by players of all positions?
Yes, CCM Senior Sticks are suitable for players of all positions, including forwards, defensemen, and goalies. The length may vary based on position and playing style.

7. Can I use a CCM Senior Stick if I’m not a senior player?
Yes, the term “senior” in CCM Senior Stick refers to the size rather than the age or skill level of the player. Players of various ages and skill levels can use a senior-sized stick if it suits their preferences and needs.