CCM Ribcor Stick Review

CCM Ribcor Stick: A type of hockey stick manufactured by CCM (Canadian Cycle & Motor Company), designed specifically for the sport of ice hockey. The Ribcor stick features a unique ribbed shaft construction that provides enhanced flex and responsiveness, allowing players to generate more power and accuracy in their shots.


1. What makes the CCM Ribcor stick different from other hockey sticks?
The CCM Ribcor stick stands out due to its ribbed shaft construction, which offers improved flex and responsiveness compared to traditional hockey sticks. This unique design helps players generate more power and accuracy in their shots.

2. Can the Ribcor stick benefit both professional and amateur players?
Yes, the Ribcor stick is designed to benefit players of all skill levels. Its enhanced flex and responsiveness make it easier to generate power and accuracy in shots, regardless of the player’s experience or level of play.

3. Are there different models or variations of the CCM Ribcor stick?
Yes, CCM offers different models and variations of the Ribcor stick to accommodate different player preferences and playing styles. These variations may differ in terms of stick length, blade curve, flex, and other factors.

4. How does the ribbed shaft construction affect the performance of the stick?
The ribbed shaft construction of the Ribcor stick enhances its flex and responsiveness. This allows the stick to load and release energy more efficiently during a shot, resulting in a quicker and more accurate release, and ultimately more powerful shots.

5. Does the Ribcor stick offer any benefits in terms of stick handling?
Yes, the Ribcor stick’s enhanced flex can also aid in stick handling. The improved responsiveness and feel of the stick allow for better puck control and maneuverability on the ice.

6. Are there any drawbacks to using the CCM Ribcor stick?
While the Ribcor stick offers many benefits, it may not be suitable for players who prefer a stiffer stick with less flex. Additionally, the unique design of the ribbed shaft construction may take some players time to adjust to.

7. Is the CCM Ribcor stick worth the investment?
The value of the CCM Ribcor stick depends on the individual player’s needs and preferences. If you are looking for a stick that offers improved shot power, accuracy, and stick handling, then the Ribcor stick may be a worthwhile investment. However, it’s always recommended to try out different sticks and consult with experts or teammates before making a purchase decision.