CCM Ribcor Senior Stick

DEFINITION:CCM Ribcor Senior Stick: A hockey stick designed and manufactured by CCM, specifically for senior players. It is known for its responsive shaft technology and quick release blade.

1. What is the difference between a senior stick and a junior stick?
– A senior stick is designed for adult players, while a junior stick is made for younger players with smaller hands and less strength.

2. What does “responsive shaft technology” mean?
– Responsive shaft technology refers to the design of the stick’s shaft, which provides better feel and responsiveness to the player’s movements.

3. What is a quick release blade?
– A quick release blade is designed to allow players to shoot the puck with more speed and accuracy by reducing the time it takes for the puck to leave the blade after contact.

4. Can the CCM Ribcor Senior Stick be used by players of all positions?
– Yes, the CCM Ribcor Senior Stick is suitable for players of all positions. However, some players may have personal preferences and may choose a stick model better suited to their playing style.

5. Is the CCM Ribcor Senior Stick available in different flex options?
– Yes, the CCM Ribcor Senior Stick is available in various flex options, allowing players to choose the level of stiffness that best suits their playing style and strength.

6. Can this stick be used for street hockey?
– Although the CCM Ribcor Senior Stick is primarily designed for ice hockey, it can also be used for street hockey. However, it is important to note that the stick’s performance may be affected by the playing surface.

7. What are some key features of the CCM Ribcor Senior Stick?
– Some key features of the CCM Ribcor Senior Stick include a low kick point for quick release, a responsive blade, and a lightweight construction for better handling and maneuverability on the ice.