CCM Ribcor Pro Stick

CCM Ribcor Pro Stick: A hockey stick manufactured by CCM, designed for elite players seeking a high-performance stick with excellent puck feel and responsiveness.


1. What makes the CCM Ribcor Pro Stick different from other sticks?
The CCM Ribcor Pro Stick stands out due to its innovative Ribcor technology, which provides players with enhanced puck control and release speed.

2. How does the Ribcor technology work?
The Ribcor technology consists of strategically placed carbon fibers in the shaft, optimizing the stick’s flexibility and quick release. This allows for improved shot accuracy and power.

3. Is the CCM Ribcor Pro Stick suitable for all player types?
Yes, the CCM Ribcor Pro Stick is designed to cater to the needs of players at all levels. Its versatility makes it appropriate for both forwards and defensemen.

4. Does the Ribcor Pro Stick offer any dampening benefits?
Yes, the Ribcor Pro Stick is engineered with dampening materials that reduce vibrations upon puck impact, leading to better puck control and a more comfortable feel.

5. Can I customize the CCM Ribcor Pro Stick to my preferences?
Unfortunately, the CCM Ribcor Pro Stick does not offer a customizable option. However, it is designed to provide top-notch performance straight off the shelf.

6. How durable is the CCM Ribcor Pro Stick?
The CCM Ribcor Pro Stick is constructed with high-quality materials to ensure durability. However, like any stick, its lifespan depends on factors such as frequency of use and intensity of play.

7. Are there different flex options available for the Ribcor Pro Stick?
Yes, the CCM Ribcor Pro Stick is available in various flex options, typically ranging from 75 to 110. This allows players to select a flex that suits their style of play and shooting technique.