CCM Ribcor Platinum Stick Weight

DEFINITION:CCM Ribcor Platinum Stick Weight refers to the weight of the CCM Ribcor Platinum hockey stick, which is a measurement of how heavy the stick is. The weight of a hockey stick can greatly impact player performance, as it influences aspects such as stickhandling, shooting, and overall feel of the stick.


1. What is the weight of the CCM Ribcor Platinum stick?
The weight of the CCM Ribcor Platinum stick varies depending on factors such as length and flex, but it generally falls within the range of 400-500 grams.

2. How does the weight of the stick affect performance?
A lighter stick can offer quicker and more responsive handling, allowing for increased puck control. It also enables players to generate faster shooting and passing speeds. On the other hand, a heavier stick can provide more stability and power for players who prefer a stronger feel.

3. Is a lighter stick always better?
While a lighter stick may provide advantages in terms of maneuverability and quickness, the ideal stick weight ultimately depends on individual player preference. Some players may prefer a slightly heavier stick for added stability and power.

4. How does stick weight affect shooting?
The weight of the stick affects shooting by influencing the speed at which the stick can be loaded and released. A lighter stick typically allows for quicker shot release, while a heavier stick can generate more power behind the shot.

5. Does stick weight impact durability?
Stick weight itself doesn’t necessarily impact durability. However, lighter sticks are often constructed using advanced materials that may have varying levels of durability compared to heavier sticks. It’s essential to consider the overall build quality and materials used in the stick when assessing its long-term durability.

6. Can stick weight affect a player’s energy expenditure?
A lighter stick may help reduce energy expenditure during gameplay as it requires less effort to handle and maneuver. This can potentially benefit players by allowing them to conserve energy for other aspects of the game.

7. Can stick weight be adjusted or modified?
Generally, stick weight is determined by the manufacturer during the production process. While it is not possible to directly adjust the weight of a stick, players can choose different stick models or customization options to find a weight that best suits their playing style and preferences.