CCM Ribcor 48K Stick

DEFINITION: CCM Ribcor 48K Stick
The CCM Ribcor 48K Stick is a hockey stick designed by CCM, a leading brand in the hockey industry. This stick is known for its advanced features and performance-enhancing technology, making it a popular choice among hockey players.


1. What makes the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick different from other hockey sticks?
The CCM Ribcor 48K Stick stands out due to its Ribcor technology, which provides players with improved control and accuracy. This stick also incorporates a low kick point, allowing for quick and powerful shots.

2. What is Ribcor technology?
Ribcor technology refers to the strategically placed carbon fibers in the shaft of the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick. These fibers enhance the stick’s flex profile, providing players with a quick release and better puck feel.

3. What is the advantage of a low kick point?
A low kick point on the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick allows for a faster release on shots. This is especially beneficial for players who take quick snapshots or wrist shots, as it helps generate greater power and accuracy.

4. Is the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick suitable for all players?
Yes, the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick is designed for players of all skill levels. Its versatility makes it a reliable choice for beginners as well as experienced players who demand high performance from their equipment.

5. Can the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick handle hard shots?
Yes, the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick is designed to withstand hard shots without sacrificing performance. Its durable construction and reinforced blade make it suitable for players who frequently take powerful slap shots.

6. Does the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick offer good puck control?
Yes, the Ribcor technology in the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick enhances the stick’s responsiveness, resulting in improved puck control. Players will experience better handling and maneuverability on the ice.

7. What flex options are available for the CCM Ribcor 48K Stick?
The CCM Ribcor 48K Stick is available in various flex options, including 75, 85, and 95. This allows players to choose the flex that suits their playing style and preferences.