CCM Rbz 290 Stick

CCM RBZ 290 Stick – A type of hockey stick manufactured by CCM (now known as CCM Hockey) under their RBZ product line. It is known for its lightweight construction, balanced feel, and advanced technologies aimed at optimizing performance on the ice.


1. What does “CCM” stand for?
CCM stands for “Canada Cycle and Motor Company,” a Canadian company that initially specialized in bicycles and motorcycles and later expanded into hockey equipment.

2. What does “RBZ” stand for?
RBZ stands for “RocketBallz,” a term borrowed from the golf industry. CCM adopted this name for their RBZ line of hockey sticks to emphasize the stick’s ability to generate incredible shot power.

3. What are the key features of the CCM RBZ 290 Stick?
The RBZ 290 Stick features a low kick point, Speed Pocket Blade, and a lightweight design for improved energy transfer, enhanced shot accuracy, and faster release times.

4. Is the CCM RBZ 290 Stick suitable for all player positions?
Yes, the RBZ 290 Stick is designed to cater to the needs of all player positions. Its versatile attributes make it a suitable choice for forwards, defensemen, and goaltenders alike.

5. What is the benefit of a low kick point?
A low kick point on a hockey stick allows players to generate quick release shots with a high level of accuracy. It is ideal for players who rely on their wrist shots and snapshots.

6. What is the Speed Pocket Blade technology?
The Speed Pocket Blade technology refers to the unique blade design of the RBZ 290 Stick. It helps to create a larger sweet spot for better shot control and maximizes power transfer to the puck.

7. How does the CCM RBZ 290 Stick compare to other sticks in the RBZ line?
The RBZ 290 Stick is positioned in the mid-range of the RBZ line, offering a combination of performance and affordability. While it may not have all the advanced features found in top-tier models like the RBZ Revolution, it provides excellent value for its price point.