CCM Rbz 250 Stick

DEFINITION:CCM RBZ 250 Stick: A light-weight ice hockey stick manufactured by CCM, designed for players seeking quick release and accuracy in their shots.


1. What is the RBZ 250 Stick made of?
The RBZ 250 Stick is constructed using a blend of carbon fiber and fiberglass for exceptional durability and performance.

2. What type of players is this stick recommended for?
This stick is ideal for players who prioritize quick shot release and accuracy in their game. It suits both forwards and defensemen.

3. Does the RBZ 250 Stick come in different flex options?
Yes, the RBZ 250 Stick offers various flex options to cater to different player preferences and playing styles. Typical flex options range from 75 to 100.

4. Can I cut the stick to customize its length?
Yes, the RBZ 250 Stick can be easily cut to meet your desired length. However, it is important to be cautious as altering the stick’s length may impact its flex characteristics.

5. Is the RBZ 250 Stick suitable for slap shots?
While the stick’s main focus is on quick release and accuracy, it also performs reasonably well for slap shots. However, players who frequently rely on powerful slap shots may prefer a stiffer stick.

6. Does the RBZ 250 Stick come with a warranty?
Yes, CCM provides a limited warranty for the RBZ 250 Stick against manufacturing defects. However, the warranty coverage may vary depending on your region and purchase location.

7. Can I use an RBZ 250 Stick for roller hockey?
The RBZ 250 Stick is specifically designed for ice hockey. While it may work adequately for roller hockey, it is advisable to use a stick specifically manufactured for the different demands of roller hockey play.