CCM Premier Pro Pants

CCM Premier Pro Pants: CCM Premier Pro Pants are a type of hockey pants designed for professional hockey players. They provide superior protection and mobility for players during a game.


1. How are CCM Premier Pro Pants different from regular hockey pants?
CCM Premier Pro Pants are specifically designed for professional hockey players and have features that cater to their needs. They offer enhanced protection, mobility, and durability, making them ideal for high-level play.

2. What are the key features of CCM Premier Pro Pants?
CCM Premier Pro Pants have various features that set them apart. These include an adjustable waist system, molded hip and thigh guards, reinforced nylon shell, and strategic ventilation to keep players cool and comfortable on the ice.

3. Are CCM Premier Pro Pants customizable?
Yes, CCM Premier Pro Pants are customizable to a certain extent. Players can typically choose their preferred waist size and adjust the fit using the adjustable waist system. However, more intricate customization options may not be available for this specific model.

4. Do CCM Premier Pro Pants provide adequate protection?
Yes, CCM Premier Pro Pants offer excellent protection to players. They feature molded hip and thigh guards that safeguard these vulnerable areas during gameplay. The reinforced nylon shell also adds an extra layer of protection against impacts.

5. Are CCM Premier Pro Pants suitable for beginner or recreational players?
While CCM Premier Pro Pants are designed for professional hockey players, they can still be used by beginner or recreational players who prioritize top-tier protection and enhanced mobility. However, there may be more affordable options available that cater specifically to non-professional players.

6. Can I use CCM Premier Pro Pants for other ice sports?
CCM Premier Pro Pants are primarily designed for hockey but can be used for other ice sports such as ice skating or ringette. The superior protection and mobility they offer can benefit players in various ice sports.

7. Where can I purchase CCM Premier Pro Pants?
CCM Premier Pro Pants are typically available at specialized sporting goods stores, hockey equipment retailers, or online stores. It’s best to check with authorized CCM dealers or the CCM website for availability and purchase options.