CCM P30 Stick

DEFINITION:CCM P30 Stick: A hockey stick manufactured by CCM that is known for its high performance and innovative features. It is designed to provide players with enhanced control, accuracy, and power during gameplay.


1. What is the CCM P30 Stick made of?
The CCM P30 Stick is made using a combination of lightweight carbon fiber and other composite materials to provide players with a strong and durable stick.

2. What makes the CCM P30 Stick unique?
The CCM P30 Stick stands out due to its blade design, which incorporates a stiffened toe and optimized flex points for improved accuracy and puck control.

3. Is the CCM P30 Stick suitable for all player positions?
Yes, the CCM P30 Stick is designed to meet the needs of various player positions, including forwards, defensemen, and goalies. It offers versatile performance to accommodate different playing styles.

4. Does the CCM P30 Stick come in different flex options?
Yes, the CCM P30 Stick is available in different flex options, allowing players to choose a stick that suits their shooting and playing style. Flex options typically range from 70 to 110, offering a range of stiffness options.

5. Can the CCM P30 Stick be customized?
Yes, CCM offers customization options for the P30 Stick, allowing players to tailor the stick to their preferences. Customizable features may include blade pattern, grip finish, and stick length.

6. Does the CCM P30 Stick come with any warranty?
Yes, the CCM P30 Stick typically comes with a manufacturer’s warranty. It is advisable to check with the retailer or CCM’s official website for specific warranty details and terms.

7. How does the CCM P30 Stick compare to other sticks in the market?
The CCM P30 Stick is known for its exceptional quality and performance, often ranking among the top choices for professional and amateur players alike. However, individual preferences may vary, and it is recommended to try out different sticks to find the one that suits your playing style best.