CCM Jetspeed Vs Tacks Sticks

CCM Jetspeed Vs Tacks Sticks

CCM Jetspeed and CCM Tacks are two different lines of hockey sticks produced by CCM. These lines differ in terms of technology, construction, and the type of player they are designed for. Understanding the differences between these sticks can help players make an informed decision when choosing the right stick for their style of play.


1. What makes CCM Jetspeed sticks unique?
CCM Jetspeed sticks are known for their lightweight construction and responsive feel. They are designed for players who prioritize speed and quick release in their game. The Jetspeed line features a mid-kick point, allowing players to generate maximum power in their shots.

2. What are the key features of CCM Tacks sticks?
CCM Tacks sticks are built for players who prefer a heavier and more durable stick. They feature a low kick point, providing a quick release for snapshots and wrist shots. Tacks sticks are designed to provide maximum accuracy and control for players who rely on their shooting skills.

3. Does the construction of the sticks differ?
Yes, CCM Jetspeed sticks are known for their advanced construction techniques, such as the Sigmatex technology, which provides excellent strength and responsiveness. On the other hand, CCM Tacks sticks are built with a traditional construction method, offering a more solid and robust feel.

4. Are there any differences in the blade design?
Both Jetspeed and Tacks sticks offer different blade options to accommodate player preferences. Jetspeed sticks typically feature a hybrid blade with a blend of stiffness and feel. Tacks sticks, on the other hand, often incorporate a stiff blade for increased accuracy and shot control.

5. How do these sticks cater to different playing styles?
CCM Jetspeed sticks are ideal for players who rely on their speed and quick release, as they provide excellent responsiveness. Conversely, CCM Tacks sticks are better suited for players who prioritize accuracy and control, as they tend to have a more solid and predictable feel.

6. Can these sticks be used by players of all levels?
Yes, both CCM Jetspeed and Tacks sticks are available in various models suitable for players of different skill levels. From entry-level sticks to high-performance options, players can choose the stick that matches their playing ability and budget.

7. Is one line of sticks better than the other?
There is no definitive answer to this question as it ultimately depends on individual player preferences and playing styles. Some players may prefer the lightweight and responsive feel of Jetspeed sticks, while others may value the accuracy and durability of Tacks sticks. It is recommended to try out both lines and determine which stick feels the best for your game.