CCM Jetspeed Vs Ribcor Stick

CCM Jetspeed Vs Ribcor Stick – This refers to a comparison between two different hockey stick models manufactured by CCM, a leading brand in the hockey industry. The CCM Jetspeed and Ribcor sticks are known for their distinct features and characteristics, which suit different playing styles and preferences.


1. What is the main difference between the CCM Jetspeed and Ribcor sticks?
The main difference lies in their flex profiles. The Jetspeed stick has a low kick-point, providing a quick release for snap shots and wrist shots, while the Ribcor stick has a mid-kick point, offering more power for slap shots and one-timers.

2. Are there any variations in terms of blade construction?
Yes, both sticks have different blade constructions. The Jetspeed stick features a hybrid kick-point, allowing for increased accuracy and control, while the Ribcor stick has a responsive blade for enhanced puck feel and touch.

3. How do the two sticks differ in terms of weight?
The Jetspeed stick is generally lighter than the Ribcor stick, thanks to its advanced construction technologies. This lighter weight allows for better maneuverability and faster stickhandling.

4. Which stick is more suitable for players who rely on quick movements and agility?
For players who prioritize quickness and agility on the ice, the Jetspeed stick is a better choice. Its low kick-point and lightweight design make it ideal for quick releases and nimble stickhandling.

5. Is there any difference in terms of durability between the two sticks?
Both sticks are constructed with durable materials, but the Ribcor stick is known for its enhanced durability. The Ribcor stick is designed to withstand heavy usage and offers better longevity, especially for players who frequently engage in physical play.

6. Can you provide some examples of NHL players who use the CCM Jetspeed and Ribcor sticks?
Certainly! Some notable NHL players who use the Jetspeed stick include Gabriel Landeskog, Taylor Hall, and Matt Duchene. On the other hand, players like Sidney Crosby, John Tavares, and Auston Matthews prefer the Ribcor stick.

7. Are there any significant price differences between the two sticks?
The prices of the CCM Jetspeed and Ribcor sticks may vary depending on the specific model and features. However, generally speaking, the Jetspeed stick tends to be priced slightly higher due to its advanced technologies and performance-driven design.