CCM Jetspeed Skates Ft340

DEFINITION: CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340
CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340 are a high-quality ice hockey skate model offered by CCM. These skates are designed for intermediate-level players who are looking for a balance between performance and affordability.


1. What is the construction of CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340?
– CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340 feature a durable quarter package made of injected molded PE and a supportive anatomical ankle padding for enhanced stability and comfort.

2. What type of blade holder is used in CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340?
– These skates come with the trusted SpeedBlade Pro holder, which provides excellent energy transfer and quick blade replacement.

3. How does the fit of CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340 compare to other skate models?
– The FT340 skates offer a tapered fit, providing a snug heel lock and a generous volume in the forefoot. This fit is typically preferred by players with average to slightly narrow feet.

4. Are CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340 suitable for competitive play?
– While the FT340 skates are designed for intermediate players, they can certainly be used in competitive play. However, professional-level players might prefer more advanced skate models for maximum performance.

5. Is there any customization option available with CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340?
– Yes, these skates feature the SpeedCore footbed, which can be heat-molded for a more personalized fit, offering better power transfer and reducing lace bite.

6. Can CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340 be used for outdoor ice hockey?
– It is not recommended to use the FT340 skates for outdoor ice hockey due to their performance-oriented design. Outdoor surfaces can be rough, and the constant wear and tear may affect the skate’s durability and performance.

7. Are replacement parts available for CCM Jetspeed Skates FT340?
– Yes, CCM offers a wide range of replacement parts for their Jetspeed skates, including blades, holders, and various accessories, allowing you to maintain and customize your skates as needed.