CCM Jetspeed Models

CCM Jetspeed Models: A line of ice hockey skates manufactured by CCM Hockey that offers players superior speed, agility, and comfort. The Jetspeed models are designed with innovative technologies and materials to enhance performance on the ice.


1. What makes the CCM Jetspeed models different from other hockey skate lines?
The CCM Jetspeed models stand out due to their focus on speed and agility. These skates feature a tapered fit and advanced materials that provide a lightweight design while maintaining excellent support and responsiveness.

2. Are CCM Jetspeed skates suitable for players of all skill levels?
Yes, CCM Jetspeed models are available in various price points and models, suitable for both beginners and advanced players. The entry-level models offer great value and performance for recreational players, while the top-tier models are designed to meet the demands of professional players.

3. What technologies are incorporated into CCM Jetspeed skates?
CCM Jetspeed skates incorporate innovative technologies such as the RocketFrame composite boot, Speedcore 2 stiffness, and Heat Moldable feature. These technologies enhance the overall fit, performance, and customization options of the skates.

4. Can CCM Jetspeed skates be heat-molded for a personalized fit?
Yes, most CCM Jetspeed models are heat-moldable. This means that the skates can be heated in a skate oven and then worn to mold the boot to match the unique shape of the player’s feet, providing a customized fit for maximum comfort and performance.

5. How does the RocketFrame composite boot of CCM Jetspeed skates benefit players?
The RocketFrame composite boot found in CCM Jetspeed skates offers increased stiffness and anatomical fit. It provides better energy transfer, allowing players to generate more power with each stride, resulting in increased speed and agility on the ice.

6. Are there any specific Jetspeed models recommended for players with wide feet?
CCM recognizes the importance of accommodating players with wide feet. Alongside their traditional Jetspeed models, CCM also offers a Jetspeed FT2 EE (Extra Width) option designed specifically for those with wider feet. These models provide a wider fit without sacrificing performance.

7. Are CCM Jetspeed models available in both senior and junior sizes?
Yes, CCM Jetspeed models are available in both senior and junior sizes. This ensures that players of all ages and sizes can benefit from the innovative features and technologies offered by the Jetspeed line of skates.