CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr

CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr:

The CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr is a high-performance senior hockey skate designed for speed, agility, and comfort. It is part of CCM’s Jetspeed line of skates, known for their innovative technology and superior performance.


1. What makes the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr different from other hockey skates?
The CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr stands out from other hockey skates due to its advanced features and technology. It incorporates a lightweight design, a highly responsive boot, and an optimized fit for ultimate performance on the ice.

2. What is the FIT system used in the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr?
The FIT system in the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr refers to the skate’s customizable fit options. It allows players to modify the skate’s volume and provides a personalized fit for maximum comfort and performance.

3. How does the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr enhance speed and agility?
The CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr is engineered with a lightweight design and advanced materials that reduce drag and enhance speed on the ice. It also features an anatomical boot shape, providing excellent support and allowing for explosive agility and quick changes in direction.

4. Is the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr suitable for players with wider feet?
Yes, the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr offers multiple fit options, including a wider volume. This ensures that players with wider feet can also enjoy the benefits of this high-performance skate.

5. Can I bake the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr for a better fit?
Yes, the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr is heat-moldable, meaning it can be baked in an oven to achieve a custom fit. This process allows the skate to adapt to the player’s foot shape, providing maximum comfort and snugging the skate around the foot for better control.

6. Are the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr skates suitable for professional players?
Absolutely! The CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr skates are designed to meet the needs of professional players who require top-quality performance. They incorporate CCM’s most advanced technology and are trusted by many elite athletes.

7. How do I properly maintain and care for the CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr skates?
To maintain the performance and durability of your CCM Jetspeed Ft4 Sr skates, it is essential to regularly clean and dry them after each use. It is also recommended to periodically sharpen the blade, inspect the boot for any damage, and tighten or replace any loose or worn-out parts as needed.