CCM Jetspeed Ft390 Shoulder Pads

CCM Jetspeed FT390 Shoulder Pads: The CCM Jetspeed FT390 Shoulder Pads are a piece of protective gear designed for ice hockey players. These shoulder pads are part of the Jetspeed line by CCM, a leading brand in hockey equipment. They offer a combination of protection, mobility, and comfort to ensure the safety of the player while allowing for unrestricted movement on the ice.


1. What are the key features of CCM Jetspeed FT390 Shoulder Pads?
The CCM Jetspeed FT390 Shoulder Pads feature a customizable fit with adjustable straps, lightweight construction for enhanced mobility, high-density foam padding for optimal protection, and strategically placed ventilation channels for breathability.

2. What level of players are these shoulder pads suitable for?
The CCM Jetspeed FT390 Shoulder Pads are suitable for players of all levels, from amateur to professional. They offer the necessary protection and mobility for players of any skill level.

3. Can I adjust the sizing of these shoulder pads?
Yes, these shoulder pads come with adjustable straps, allowing you to customize the fit according to your body size and preferences. This ensures maximum comfort and protection on the ice.

4. Are the CCM Jetspeed FT390 Shoulder Pads lightweight?
Yes, these shoulder pads are designed to be lightweight, allowing for excellent mobility and agility on the ice. The lightweight construction does not compromise the level of protection they offer.

5. Do these shoulder pads offer sufficient protection?
Absolutely. The CCM Jetspeed FT390 Shoulder Pads are equipped with high-density foam padding strategically placed to protect the key areas of the shoulder and upper body. They provide excellent protection against impact and collisions.

6. Are these shoulder pads suitable for players who prefer a more streamlined and sleek design?
Yes, these shoulder pads are known for their sleek and low-profile design. They offer a snug fit without compromising on protection, making them ideal for players who prioritize mobility and aesthetics.

7. Can these shoulder pads be used for other sports besides ice hockey?
While these shoulder pads are primarily designed for ice hockey, they can potentially be used for other sports that require upper body protection, such as roller hockey or ball hockey. However, it is recommended to use gear specifically designed for the intended sport for optimal performance and safety.