CCM Jetspeed Ft390 Gloves

DEFINITION:CCM Jetspeed Ft390 Gloves: These are ice hockey gloves manufactured by CCM, a leading brand in hockey equipment. The Jetspeed Ft390 gloves are specifically designed for professional and advanced level players, offering comfort, protection, and enhanced mobility on the ice.


1. What materials are the CCM Jetspeed Ft390 Gloves made of?
The Jetspeed Ft390 gloves are made of a combination of high-quality synthetic leather and durable nylon materials. The palms feature a reinforced Clarino material for improved grip and longevity.

2. Are the Jetspeed Ft390 Gloves suitable for all hand sizes?
The Jetspeed Ft390 gloves are available in various sizes to accommodate different hand sizes. Make sure to refer to the CCM sizing guide to select the appropriate size for optimal fit and comfort.

3. Do these gloves provide sufficient protection?
Yes, the CCM Jetspeed Ft390 gloves prioritize player safety. They feature multi-density foam padding and PE inserts on the fingers, backhand, and cuff areas to offer excellent protection against impacts and slashes.

4. Can I adjust the fit of the Jetspeed Ft390 Gloves?
Yes, these gloves come with a 3-piece flexible thumb and an adjustable cuff that allows for a customizable fit. The cuff can be tightened or loosened using straps or Velcro closures, depending on your preference.

5. Do the Jetspeed Ft390 Gloves have good ventilation?
Yes, CCM has incorporated ventilation holes and breathable materials into the design of the Jetspeed Ft390 gloves to enhance airflow and keep your hands cool and dry during intense gameplay.

6. Are these gloves suitable for professional players?
Yes, the Jetspeed Ft390 gloves are designed specifically for professional and advanced level players. They offer a high level of performance, comfort, and protection, making them a popular choice among professionals.

7. Can I use the Jetspeed Ft390 Gloves for other sports besides ice hockey?
While the Jetspeed Ft390 gloves are specifically designed for ice hockey, some players might find them suitable for inline hockey or other similar sports. However, it is recommended to use them as intended for ice hockey to ensure optimum performance and longevity.