CCM Jetspeed Ft380

DEFINITION:CCM Jetspeed FT380: The CCM Jetspeed FT380 is a type of ice hockey skate manufactured by CCM. It is designed to provide players with advanced features and technologies for improved performance on the ice.


1. What are the key features of the CCM Jetspeed FT380?
– The CCM Jetspeed FT380 features a one-piece boot construction for enhanced energy transfer and responsiveness. It also incorporates CCM’s SpeedBlade XS holder system for quick blade changes and the TotalDri liner for moisture management.

2. Is the CCM Jetspeed FT380 suitable for players of all skill levels?
– While the CCM Jetspeed FT380 is designed to provide advanced features, it can be used by players of various skill levels. However, it is particularly ideal for intermediate to advanced level players who require high-performance skates.

3. Can I bake the CCM Jetspeed FT380 to customize the fit?
– Yes, the CCM Jetspeed FT380 is heat moldable. As a result, it can be baked in an oven to allow for a more personalized fit, ensuring maximum comfort and performance on the ice.

4. How does the CCM Jetspeed FT380 compare to other models in the Jetspeed line?
– The CCM Jetspeed FT380 falls between the entry-level and top-of-the-line models in the Jetspeed line. While it offers many advanced features, it is more affordable compared to the highest-end models, making it a popular choice among performance-driven players.

5. Are replacement blades readily available for the CCM Jetspeed FT380?
– Yes, the CCM Jetspeed FT380 uses the SpeedBlade XS holder system, which allows for easy and quick blade changes. Replacement blades are readily available, ensuring players can maintain optimal performance by replacing worn or damaged blades.

6. What type of players is the CCM Jetspeed FT380 best suited for?
– The CCM Jetspeed FT380 is best suited for players who value speed and agility. Its advanced features, such as the one-piece boot construction and SpeedBlade XS holder system, enhance performance for quick and responsive movements on the ice.

7. Can I use the CCM Jetspeed FT380 for other types of skating?
– While the CCM Jetspeed FT380 is primarily designed for ice hockey, some players may find it suitable for other types of skating, such as recreational or figure skating. However, its specific features and design elements are optimized for the demands of ice hockey.