CCM Hockey Stick Lie Chart

DEFINITION: CCM Hockey Stick Lie Chart is a visual representation of the different lie angles available in CCM hockey sticks.

1. What is a lie angle in hockey sticks?
– The lie angle refers to the angle formed between the blade of the hockey stick and the shaft. It determines how the blade makes contact with the ice, affecting shooting and puck handling.

2. Why is the CCM Hockey Stick Lie Chart important?
– The CCM Hockey Stick Lie Chart is important as it helps players choose the right stick with the desired lie angle suitable for their playing style and preference.

3. How does the CCM Hockey Stick Lie Chart work?
– The CCM Hockey Stick Lie Chart displays a range of lie angles, usually numbered from 4 to 7. Players can visually compare the different angles to determine which lie angle best suits their needs.

4. Can I use any lie angle I want?
– While players can use any lie angle they want, it is recommended to choose a lie angle that aligns with their skating and shooting mechanics for optimal performance.

5. How does the lie angle affect my shot?
– The lie angle affects how the blade makes contact with the ice during shooting. A lower lie angle may promote lower shots, while a higher lie angle may promote higher shots. Finding the right lie angle can help improve accuracy and power.

6. Can I change the lie angle of my hockey stick?
– The lie angle of a hockey stick is typically fixed and cannot be adjusted. To change the lie angle, players will need to purchase a new stick with the desired angle.

7. Are different lie angles better for specific positions?
– The ideal lie angle may vary depending on personal preference and playing style. However, some players, such as defensemen who may rely more on poke checks, tend to prefer a slightly lower lie angle, while forwards who focus on shooting may prefer a higher lie angle. Ultimately, it comes down to individual preference.