CCM Hockey Stick Kick Points

DEFINITION: CCM Hockey Stick Kick Points
Kick points on a CCM hockey stick refer to the specific locations on the shaft or blade where the stick is designed to flex or bend the most during a player’s shot. The kick point is an essential factor in determining the stick’s performance and can significantly impact a player’s shooting power, accuracy, and release time.


1. What is a low kick point on a CCM hockey stick?
A low kick point refers to a design where the stick’s flex point is located near the blade. This type of kick point allows for a quick and explosive release, optimal for players who take close-range shots or prefer snap and wrist shots.

2. What is a mid kick point on a CCM hockey stick?
A mid kick point is characterized by a flex point located in the middle of the shaft. This kick point provides a balance between quick release and power, making it ideal for players who rely on slap shots or long-range shots.

3. What is a high kick point on a CCM hockey stick?
A high kick point features a flex point located higher up on the shaft, closer to the handle. This kick point prioritizes power and is suitable for players who generate most of their shot power through big wind-ups, such as slap shots, or prefer accuracy over a quick release.

4. How does the kick point affect shooting performance?
The kick point influences the stick’s performance by determining how and when it flexes during a shot. Different kick points offer variations in shot power, release speed, and accuracy, allowing players to choose the stick that aligns with their playing style and shooting preferences.

5. Can players of all positions benefit from different kick points?
Yes, players of all positions can benefit from different kick points. Forwards who take a lot of quick snapshot or wrist shots might prefer a low kick point for faster release, while defensemen who take more slap shots might lean towards a mid or high kick point for added power.

6. Can changing the kick point enhance my shooting abilities?
Changing the kick point may enhance your shooting abilities by improving certain aspects of your shots. Experimenting with different kick points can help you find the right balance of power, accuracy, and release speed that complements your playing style and maximizes your potential on the ice.

7. How do I choose the right kick point for my CCM hockey stick?
Choosing the right kick point involves considering your playing style, shot type preferences, and position on the ice. It is recommended to try out different kick points and seek advice from experienced players, coaches, or hockey specialists to identify the kick point that suits you best and enhances your overall performance.