CCM Hockey Stick Flex Chart

CCM Hockey Stick Flex Chart: A visual representation that displays the recommended flex ratings for CCM hockey sticks based on the player’s weight and playing style. This chart helps players choose the appropriate stick flex that will optimize their performance on the ice.


1. What is stick flex in hockey?
Stick flex refers to the measurement of how much a hockey stick shaft bends when pressure is applied. It is determined by the stiffness of the stick and is measured in flex ratings, usually ranging from 40 to 110.

2. How does stick flex affect my performance?
Stick flex can greatly impact a player’s performance on the ice. A stick with the right flex allows for increased power and accuracy in shooting, improved puck handling, and better overall control of the game.

3. How do I determine the right stick flex for me?
To determine the right stick flex for you, consider your body weight and playing style. Heavier players generally benefit from stiffer flex ratings, while lighter players may prefer a more flexible stick. Consulting the CCM Hockey Stick Flex Chart can help guide you in selecting the appropriate flex.

4. What happens if I use a stick with the wrong flex?
Using a stick with the wrong flex can negatively impact your performance. A stick that is too stiff may result in reduced power and difficulty handling the puck. Conversely, a stick that is too flexible may lack accuracy in shooting and can feel unstable during gameplay.

5. Is stick flex a matter of personal preference?
Stick flex is not solely a matter of personal preference. While individual playing style and preference do come into play, it is important to consider your body weight and the specific demands of your position when choosing the right stick flex.

6. Can I cut my hockey stick to adjust the flex?
Cutting your hockey stick will affect the flex of the stick. Shortening the stick will result in a stiffer flex, while lengthening it will make the flex more flexible. Keep in mind that altering the stick length may also affect other aspects of stick performance.

7. Can I refer to other brand’s flex charts for CCM sticks?
It is generally recommended to refer to CCM Hockey Stick Flex Chart specifically for CCM sticks, as each brand may have different flex ratings and recommendations. Different manufacturers may use different methods to determine their stick flex ratings, so it’s important to consult the appropriate chart for accurate information.