CCM Ft6 Pro Blue

The CCM Ft6 Pro Blue is a high-performance ice hockey skate manufactured by CCM, a leading brand in the hockey equipment industry. This skate is specifically designed for professional players and offers advanced features to enhance performance on the ice.


1. What are the key features of the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue?
The CCM Ft6 Pro Blue features a durable and lightweight carbon composite quarter package, a heat moldable full-grain anatomical boot, and a pro-level holder and runner for maximum stability and agility.

2. How does the carbon composite quarter package benefit players?
The carbon composite quarter package provides excellent stiffness and support, allowing for efficient energy transfer and improved responsiveness during gameplay.

3. Can the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue be customized for a better fit?
Absolutely! The full-grain anatomical boot of the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue is heat moldable, meaning it can be customized to suit the unique shape and contours of the player’s foot for a more comfortable and personalized fit.

4. What advantage does the pro-level holder and runner provide?
The pro-level holder and runner offer superior stability, allowing players to make sharp turns, quick stops, and powerful strides on the ice. This gives them better control and maneuverability during games.

5. Is the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue suitable for players of all skill levels?
While the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue is designed with professional players in mind, it can also be utilized by intermediate or advanced players who are looking for high-performance skates to enhance their game.

6. Does the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue provide good ankle support?
Yes, the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue’s full-grain anatomical boot and carbon composite quarter package provide excellent ankle support, reducing the risk of injuries and allowing for confident strides on the ice.

7. How does the CCM Ft6 Pro Blue’s performance compare to other skate models?
The CCM Ft6 Pro Blue is considered to be among the top-performing skates in the market. Its advanced features and high-quality construction make it a popular choice among professional and elite players.