CCM Ft460 Stick

DEFINITION:CCM Ft460 Stick is a type of hockey stick manufactured by CCM, a renowned sports equipment company. It is widely used by hockey players around the world due to its quality construction and excellent performance.


1. What makes the CCM Ft460 Stick special?
The CCM Ft460 Stick stands out due to its innovative design and advanced technology. It offers enhanced responsiveness, accuracy, and power, making it a popular choice among hockey players.

2. Is the CCM Ft460 Stick suitable for all skill levels?
Yes, the CCM Ft460 Stick is designed to cater to players of all skill levels. Whether you are a beginner or a professional, this stick provides excellent performance and versatility.

3. What type of blade does the CCM Ft460 Stick come with?
The CCM Ft460 Stick usually comes with a durable and high-quality blade made from either carbon or composite material. The blade is known for its excellent puck control and shooting accuracy.

4. Does the CCM Ft460 Stick offer any customization options?
Yes, CCM provides various customization options for the Ft460 Stick, allowing players to personalize their stick according to their preferences. These options include choosing the flex, curve, grip, and length of the stick.

5. How durable is the CCM Ft460 Stick?
The CCM Ft460 Stick is known for its durability. Its construction using high-quality materials ensures that it can withstand the rigors of intense gameplay and provides long-lasting performance.

6. Can the CCM Ft460 Stick be used for both ice and roller hockey?
Yes, the CCM Ft460 Stick is suitable for both ice and roller hockey. Its versatile design and construction make it suitable for different playing surfaces, enabling players to use it for various forms of the game.

7. Is the CCM Ft460 Stick compatible with various forms of gameplay?
Absolutely! The CCM Ft460 Stick is designed to meet the demands of different playing styles. Its balanced weight distribution and optimal flex allow players to perform precise shots, passes, and stickhandling techniques, enhancing their overall gameplay experience.