CCM Ft4 Stick Weight

CCM FT4 Stick Weight – The CCM FT4 Stick Weight refers to the weight of the CCM FT4 hockey stick, which is a popular model of hockey stick manufactured by CCM.


1. What is the weight of the CCM FT4 hockey stick?
The weight of the CCM FT4 hockey stick varies depending on the specific model and level of customization. However, on average, the stick weight ranges from 400 to 445 grams.

2. How does the weight of the CCM FT4 stick affect gameplay?
The weight of the stick can impact the player’s shooting accuracy, puck handling, and overall performance on the ice. Lighter sticks tend to offer quicker shot release and better puck control, while heavier sticks provide more power and stability.

3. Can I customize the weight of the CCM FT4 stick?
CCM offers custom stick options where players can choose the stick’s weight, among other specifications. This allows players to tailor the stick to their specific playing style and preferences.

4. What are the advantages of a lighter CCM FT4 stick?
Lighter sticks like the CCM FT4 enable players to have faster stickhandling and shooting. They also reduce fatigue during longer games or practices, enabling players to perform at their best for prolonged periods.

5. Are there any disadvantages to using a lighter CCM FT4 stick?
Some players may find that lighter sticks lack the same level of power and stability as heavier sticks. It ultimately comes down to individual preference and the player’s specific style of play.

6. Do professional hockey players use the CCM FT4 stick?
Yes, the CCM FT4 stick is a popular choice amongst professional hockey players due to its performance, durability, and customization options. Many NHL players rely on the CCM FT4 to enhance their gameplay.

7. Can the weight of the stick be adjusted after purchase?
Once a CCM FT4 stick is purchased, the weight cannot be adjusted. However, players can choose the desired weight and other specifications during the customization process to ensure the stick meets their requirements.