CCM Fitlite Vs Tacks Helmet

DEFINITION:CCM Fitlite Vs Tacks Helmet: A comparison between two popular hockey helmet models produced by CCM, namely the Fitlite and the Tacks helmets.


1. What are the main differences between the CCM Fitlite and Tacks helmets?
The Fitlite helmet focuses on providing a lightweight and snug fit, utilizing a high-density PE shell and customizable padding. On the other hand, the Tacks helmet prioritizes protection and impact absorption, featuring a D3O smart foam liner and an improved shell construction.

2. Which helmet offers better protection?
Both helmets provide excellent protection, but the Tacks helmet offers enhanced impact absorption due to its D3O smart foam liner. This technology makes the foam stiffen upon impact, effectively reducing the force transmitted to the head.

3. Are the CCM Fitlite and Tacks helmets customizable?
Yes, both the Fitlite and Tacks helmets offer customization options. They have adjustable padding and an EPP comfort liner, allowing players to personalize their fit.

4. Which helmet is more suitable for players seeking a lightweight option?
The CCM Fitlite helmet is designed to be lightweight, making it an ideal choice for players prioritizing agility and comfort. Its high-density PE shell contributes to the lightweight construction.

5. Do these helmets come in different sizes?
Yes, both the Fitlite and Tacks helmets are available in a range of sizes to accommodate various head sizes. It is important to choose the appropriate size for optimal safety and fit.

6. Can I use either of these helmets for other sports besides hockey?
Although specifically designed for ice hockey, these helmets can also be used for other similar contact sports, such as roller hockey or recreational ice skating. However, they might not provide the same level of protection required for high-impact sports like football or lacrosse.

7. Are there any additional features unique to each helmet?
The CCM Fitlite helmet incorporates a tool-free adjustment system, allowing players to easily fine-tune the fit on the fly. The Tacks helmet, on the other hand, includes improved ventilation and an I.Q.SHION liner with antimicrobial properties for enhanced hygiene.