CCM Extreme Flex Pro

CCM Extreme Flex Pro: The CCM Extreme Flex Pro is a line of high-performance ice hockey goalie equipment, including leg pads, gloves, and chest protectors, designed specifically for professional goaltenders. It offers advanced technologies and features to enhance flexibility, protection, and performance on the ice.


1. What sets CCM Extreme Flex Pro apart from other goalie equipment?
CCM Extreme Flex Pro stands out from other goalie equipment due to its superior flexibility, protection, and performance-enhancing features. It is designed specifically for professional goaltenders and offers advanced technologies to ensure maximum comfort and agility.

2. What are some key technologies utilized in CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear?
CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear incorporates high-density foams, adjustable strapping systems, and reinforced leg channels to provide excellent impact absorption, customizable fit, and enhanced mobility. Additionally, it includes a QuickMotion strapping system for fast and easy adjustments on the go.

3. Can CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear be customized?
Yes, CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear offers customization options. Goaltenders can choose from various color combinations and have the option to add personalized graphics or embroidery for a unique look.

4. Is CCM Extreme Flex Pro suitable for goalies of different skill levels?
While the CCM Extreme Flex Pro line is designed primarily for professional goaltenders, it can be used by goalies of different skill levels. However, beginner or intermediate goalies may find the enhanced flexibility and features of this gear more beneficial as they advance in their skills and require higher-performance equipment.

5. Does CCM Extreme Flex Pro provide adequate protection for goaltenders?
Yes, CCM Extreme Flex Pro is known for its advanced protective features. The gear utilizes high-density foams strategically placed to absorb impact and protect key areas, such as the knees, shins, chest, and arms. It undergoes rigorous testing to ensure it meets professional standards of safety.

6. Is CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear suitable for all playing styles?
CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear is designed to accommodate various playing styles. Its customizable strapping systems and adjustable features allow goaltenders to tailor the gear to their specific preferences and needs, whether they prefer a more butterfly-focused or stand-up style of play.

7. How does CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear contribute to performance on the ice?
The combination of enhanced flexibility, lightweight construction, and customizable fit offered by CCM Extreme Flex Pro gear allows goaltenders to move freely and quickly, enabling them to make quicker saves and react efficiently to different game situations. It ultimately enhances their overall performance and confidence on the ice.