CCM Eflex Pro

CCM Eflex Pro: The CCM Eflex Pro is a high-performance ice hockey goalie equipment line manufactured by CCM. It is designed to provide goalies with maximum protection, mobility, and comfort while on the ice.


1. What does the CCM Eflex Pro line include?
The CCM Eflex Pro line includes goalie pads, blocker, glove, chest protector, and other essential equipment needed for ice hockey goaltending.

2. What sets the CCM Eflex Pro apart from other goalie equipment lines?
The CCM Eflex Pro is known for its exceptional flexibility, allowing goalies to move fluidly and make quick saves. It also offers top-level protection and customization options to meet individual goalie preferences.

3. Are the CCM Eflex Pro pads suitable for all skill levels?
Yes, the CCM Eflex Pro line is designed for both professional and recreational goalies. The advanced features and customizable options make it suitable for goalies of all skill levels.

4. Can I customize the CCM Eflex Pro goalie equipment?
Yes, the CCM Eflex Pro line comes with various customization options. Goalies can choose from different color combinations, pad sizes, and other personalization features to create their unique look and feel.

5. Is the CCM Eflex Pro goalie equipment durable?
The CCM Eflex Pro line is made from high-quality materials and is built to withstand the rigors of ice hockey goaltending. However, like any goalie equipment, it will eventually wear out with regular use and may require replacement parts.

6. Can I purchase the CCM Eflex Pro goalie equipment online?
Yes, you can purchase the CCM Eflex Pro goalie line online through various sporting goods retailers and the official CCM website. Be sure to check sizing charts and product details to ensure you get the right fit for your equipment.

7. How often should I replace my CCM Eflex Pro goalie pads?
The lifespan of goalie pads depends on usage, care, and personal preference. Generally, professional goalies may replace their pads more frequently due to heavier usage. It is recommended to inspect your pads regularly and replace them when they no longer provide adequate protection or hinder your performance.