CCM Custom Tacks

DEFINITION: CCM Custom Tacks refer to a line of hockey skates manufactured by CCM, a leading brand in ice hockey equipment. Custom Tacks are specifically designed to be customizable and offer a personalized fit and performance for players.


1. What makes CCM Custom Tacks unique?
CCM Custom Tacks are unique due to their customization options. These skates allow players to personalize the fit and performance according to their specific preferences and playing style.

2. How can I customize CCM Custom Tacks?
CCM Custom Tacks can be customized through various aspects, such as the boot size, width, blade type, and even the custom heat molding process for a tailored fit. This customization helps players achieve optimal comfort and performance on the ice.

3. Are CCM Custom Tacks suitable for all levels of players?
Yes, CCM Custom Tacks are designed to cater to players of all skill levels. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced player, these skates can be customized to meet your needs and improve your on-ice performance.

4. Can CCM Custom Tacks help improve my skating performance?
Absolutely! With their customizable features, CCM Custom Tacks can significantly enhance your skating performance. By providing a personalized fit, these skates offer improved control, stability, and power transfer, ultimately resulting in better agility and speed on the ice.

5. Are CCM Custom Tacks available for both children and adults?
Yes, CCM Custom Tacks are available in various sizes to accommodate both children and adults. Whether you’re a young player looking for junior sizes or an adult player needing senior sizes, there are Custom Tacks options suitable for everyone.

6. Can I switch the blades on my CCM Custom Tacks?
Yes, you can easily switch the blades on your CCM Custom Tacks if desired. This feature allows players to choose the blade type that best suits their playing style or to replace dull blades without having to buy new skates.

7. How do I ensure the best fit when purchasing CCM Custom Tacks?
To ensure the best fit when purchasing CCM Custom Tacks, it is recommended to visit a professional hockey shop or equipment specialist. They can provide proper fitting and guidance to help you choose the right size and customize the skates according to your specific needs.