CCM As4 Pro Weight

The CCM AS4 Pro Weight refers to the weight of a hockey stick from the CCM AS4 Pro series. It is an important aspect to consider when choosing a hockey stick as it can significantly impact a player’s performance on the ice.


1. What is the weight of the CCM AS4 Pro hockey stick?
The weight of the CCM AS4 Pro hockey stick varies depending on the specific model and curve pattern chosen. However, on average, these sticks weigh between 420-450 grams.

2. How does the weight of the CCM AS4 Pro affect my performance on the ice?
The weight of the hockey stick can impact a player’s performance by affecting their shot power, quickness in stickhandling, and overall agility on the ice. Generally, lighter sticks allow for faster movements and quicker shots.

3. Are lighter sticks always better?
While lighter sticks offer advantages in terms of speed and agility, the ideal weight of a hockey stick ultimately depends on personal preference and playing style. Some players may prefer a slightly heavier stick for increased stability and a stronger shot.

4. How does stick weight impact shot power?
A lighter stick can allow for a quicker release, which can increase shot power. However, some players may find that a slightly heavier stick provides better balance and leverage when taking shots, resulting in more power.

5. Does the weight of the stick affect durability?
The weight of a hockey stick does not necessarily determine its durability. Stick durability depends more on the construction materials and manufacturing techniques used. CCM AS4 Pro sticks are designed using advanced materials to provide both lightweight performance and durability.

6. Does stick weight affect stickhandling?
The weight of a stick can have an impact on stickhandling. Lighter sticks can be easier to maneuver, facilitating quick and precise stickhandling movements. However, some players may prefer a slightly heavier stick for better puck control and stability.

7. Can the weight of the stick impact a player’s overall stamina?
While a lighter stick may be easier to handle for extended periods, the impact on a player’s stamina is minimal. The weight of the stick alone is not a primary factor in determining a player’s endurance on the ice. Stamina is primarily influenced by overall fitness and conditioning.