CCM As3 Pro Skates Review

DEFINITION:CCM AS3 Pro Skates: CCM AS3 Pro Skates are a type of ice hockey skates manufactured by CCM, a renowned brand in the hockey industry. These skates are designed for professional hockey players who demand high-performance and top-level features to enhance their game.


1. Are CCM AS3 Pro Skates suitable for professional hockey players only?
No, while these skates are designed for professionals, they can also be used by intermediate and advanced players who seek top-notch performance and features.

2. What are the key features of CCM AS3 Pro Skates?
CCM AS3 Pro Skates feature a one-piece boot design for improved energy transfer, a lightweight construction for enhanced agility, advanced tongue and tendon protection, and a custom-fit option utilizing the CCM Custom Support Insoles.

3. How do CCM AS3 Pro Skates enhance performance?
These skates provide a stiff and responsive boot, allowing for optimal power transfer during skating strides. The lightweight design aids in quick acceleration and agility, while the advanced protection features reduce the risk of injuries.

4. Can I bake CCM AS3 Pro Skates for a customized fit?
Yes, these skates are heat-moldable, so you can bake them in an oven to achieve a customized fit. This process helps to eliminate pressure points and enhances overall comfort and performance.

5. Are CCM AS3 Pro Skates suitable for players with wide feet?
Yes, CCM AS3 Pro Skates are available in different width sizes, including wider options. This ensures that players with wide feet can find a suitable fit for maximum comfort and performance.

6. Do CCM AS3 Pro Skates come with replaceable blades?
Yes, these skates come with replaceable blades, allowing players to swap them out when they become worn or damaged. This ensures that players can maintain optimal performance and sharpen their skates according to their preference.

7. Are CCM AS3 Pro Skates worth the investment?
CCM AS3 Pro Skates are considered high-end skates designed for professional players. If you are a serious hockey player looking for top-level performance, durability, and comfort, investing in these skates can be highly beneficial for your game. However, for recreational or casual players, less expensive options might be more suitable.