CCM As2 Stick

The CCM AS2 Stick is a high-performance ice hockey stick manufactured by CCM Hockey. It is designed for professional and elite-level players seeking enhanced shot power, accuracy, durability, and overall performance on the ice.


1. What makes the CCM AS2 Stick different from other hockey sticks?
The CCM AS2 Stick stands out due to its innovative features and technologies. It utilizes Sigmatex spread tow fabric for increased strength and lighter weight, while the Nanolite carbon layering enhances durability without compromising performance.

2. Is the CCM AS2 Stick suitable for all playing positions?
Yes, the CCM AS2 Stick is designed to meet the needs of players in any position. Its advanced construction and performance-enhancing features make it a versatile stick that can benefit forwards, defensemen, and goalies alike.

3. How does the CCM AS2 Stick improve shot power and accuracy?
The AS2 Stick features a mid-kick point and optimized flex ratio, which work in combination to maximize energy transfer from the shaft to the blade. This enables players to generate more power in their shots while maintaining control and accuracy.

4. Does the CCM AS2 Stick offer any specific advantages for defensemen?
Yes, the CCM AS2 Stick is especially beneficial for defensemen. Its stiff construction and optimized balance provide excellent control when making passes and setting up plays, while the reinforced blade enhances shooting accuracy from the blue line.

5. Can the CCM AS2 Stick withstand intense gameplay and physicality?
Absolutely. The CCM AS2 Stick is engineered with an increased shaft strength to handle the rigors of professional-level hockey. Its advanced materials and construction ensure exceptional durability and resistance to breakage.

6. Does the CCM AS2 Stick come in different sizes and flex options?
Yes, the CCM AS2 Stick is available in various lengths and flex options to accommodate different player preferences and playing styles. Players can choose the size and flex that best suits their needs and enhances their performance on the ice.

7. What level of play is the CCM AS2 Stick designed for?
The CCM AS2 Stick is primarily designed for professional and elite-level players who demand the highest performance from their equipment. However, it can also be utilized by skilled amateur players looking to elevate their game.