CCM As-V Pro Stick Weight

DEFINITION:CCM As-V Pro Stick Weight: The weight of the CCM As-V Pro hockey stick, which refers to the mass or heaviness of the stick. It plays a crucial role in determining the stick’s balance, swing speed, and overall performance on the ice.


1. What is the average weight of the CCM As-V Pro Stick?
The average weight of the CCM As-V Pro Stick is around 425 grams, but it can vary slightly depending on the stick’s length and specific customization.

2. How does stick weight affect performance?
Stick weight directly influences a player’s performance on the ice. A lighter stick allows for faster swing speed, quicker puck handling, and enhanced mobility. However, a heavier stick can provide more power and stability for harder shots.

3. Can I customize the weight of my CCM As-V Pro Stick?
CCM provides some customization options for stick weight. You may be able to choose between different blade patterns, blade materials, or even add/remove additional features to adjust the overall weight of the stick according to your preference.

4. Is a heavier stick always better for shooting?
While a heavier stick can generate more power for shooting, it may also reduce your quickness and agility. It’s essential to find a balance that suits your playing style and preference to maintain optimal performance.

5. How can I determine the ideal stick weight for myself?
Experimenting with various stick weights is the best way to find what suits you best. If you’re unsure, try starting with a stick of average weight and make adjustments as necessary based on your comfort, performance, and feedback from coaches or teammates.

6. Are there any disadvantages of using a lightweight stick?
Using a lightweight stick can sometimes lead to durability concerns, as they may not withstand heavy impact or aggressive play as effectively as heavier sticks. Additionally, the perception of “feel” or puck control may differ from player to player, and some may prefer a slightly heavier stick for a better tactile experience.

7. Can stick weight affect my stickhandling ability?
Yes, stick weight can impact stickhandling ability. A lighter stick may allow for quicker movements and tighter control of the puck, whereas a heavier stick can provide more stability and resistance to help protect the puck from opponents. Again, finding the right balance that complements your playing style is crucial.