CCM 9380 Stick

CCM 9380 Stick is a high-quality hockey stick manufactured by CCM, one of the leading brands in the hockey industry.


1. What makes the CCM 9380 Stick stand out from other hockey sticks on the market?
The CCM 9380 Stick is known for its exceptional durability, lightweight design, and advanced technologies, making it a popular choice among professional and amateur hockey players alike.

2. What materials are used in the construction of the CCM 9380 Stick?
The CCM 9380 Stick is made from a combination of carbon fiber and composite materials, ensuring superior strength and performance on the ice.

3. Does the CCM 9380 Stick come in different flex options?
Yes, the CCM 9380 Stick offers various flex options to suit individual players’ preferences and playing styles. It is available in a range of flex ratings to optimize power and accuracy.

4. Can the blade of the CCM 9380 Stick be replaced?
Yes, the blade of the CCM 9380 Stick can be replaced if needed. It features a replaceable blade design, allowing players to swap out the blade without having to purchase a new stick.

5. Does the CCM 9380 Stick have any special features for enhanced performance?
Absolutely! The CCM 9380 Stick incorporates advanced technologies such as the X-FLOW technology, which provides better energy transfer, and the JET SPEED Shaft Geometry, ensuring quick release and improved control.

6. Is the CCM 9380 Stick suitable for players of all skill levels?
Yes, the CCM 9380 Stick is designed to cater to players of all skill levels, from beginners to professionals. Its versatility and performance characteristics make it suitable for anyone looking to enhance their game.

7. Where can I purchase a CCM 9380 Stick?
The CCM 9380 Stick can be purchased at most sporting goods stores that carry hockey equipment. Additionally, it can also be found online on various hockey equipment retailers’ websites.