CCM 9350 Super Tacks

DEFINITION:CCM 9350 Super Tacks refers to a model of ice hockey skates produced by CCM, a renowned Canadian sporting goods company. These skates are designed for professional and elite level players, offering exceptional performance, fit, and durability on the ice.


1. Are the CCM 9350 Super Tacks suitable for all skill levels?
– No, these skates are specifically designed for advanced and professional players who demand top-notch performance from their equipment.

2. What are the key features of the CCM 9350 Super Tacks?
– The CCM 9350 Super Tacks feature a precision-fit boot design, a lightweight construction, an anatomical tongue, a pro-level quarter package, and a durable outsole for enhanced power transfer.

3. Can I customize the fit of the CCM 9350 Super Tacks?
– Yes, these skates offer a customizable fit with options for heat molding to better conform to the player’s foot shape and provide maximum comfort and performance.

4. Do the CCM 9350 Super Tacks come with replaceable blades?
– Yes, these skates are equipped with replaceable stainless-steel blades, allowing players to easily swap them out when they become dull or damaged.

5. Are the CCM 9350 Super Tacks suitable for players with wide or narrow feet?
– The CCM 9350 Super Tacks are designed to accommodate players with various foot shapes. However, it is recommended to try them on or consult with a professional for the best fit.

6. Can I use the CCM 9350 Super Tacks for recreational skating?
– While these skates are primarily designed for high-performance use, they can also be used for recreational skating if you prioritize top-quality equipment.

7. What sets the CCM 9350 Super Tacks apart from other models?
– The CCM 9350 Super Tacks stand out due to their advanced materials, precision fit, and enhanced power transfer, making them a top choice for professional players seeking unmatched performance on the ice.