CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves

CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves: A type of ice hockey gloves manufactured by CCM, designed to provide protection and comfort for players during the game. These gloves feature a classic “4-roll” design, with padded rolls on the backhand for enhanced protection and flexibility.


1. What are the key features of CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves?
– The CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves feature a classic 4-roll design, providing utmost comfort and mobility.
– They are equipped with high-quality padding on the backhand, protecting players from impacts and slashes.
– These gloves have a durable synthetic leather exterior, ensuring long-lasting performance.
– They offer a seamless palm construction, enhancing stick feel and control.
– The gloves have a flexible cuff design, giving players the freedom to move their wrists comfortably.
– They utilize a moisture-wicking liner, keeping players’ hands dry and comfortable during gameplay.
– These gloves feature a customizable fit, thanks to the adjustable cuff and thumb strap.

2. Are CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves suitable for professional players?
– Yes, the CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves are designed to meet the needs of professional ice hockey players.
– They provide top-level protection, durability, and mobility required for intense gameplay.

3. Can I use CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves for recreational hockey?
– Absolutely! These gloves are suitable for players of all skill levels, including recreational hockey players.
– They offer a great balance of protection and comfort, ensuring an enjoyable playing experience.

4. What sizes are available for CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves?
– CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves are available in various sizes, ranging from Junior to Senior.
– It is important to consult a sizing chart or try them on in-store for the best fit.

5. Can I wash CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves?
– The gloves should not be machine-washed or submerged in water.
– To clean them, wipe the exterior with a damp cloth or use a specialized hockey equipment cleaning solution.

6. Are CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves suitable for players with sensitive skin?
– While these gloves are designed with comfort in mind, individual sensitivities may vary.
– It is recommended to try them on and assess personal comfort levels before making a purchase.

7. Do CCM 4 Roll Pro 2 Gloves come with a warranty?
– CCM offers a limited warranty on their ice hockey gloves, including the 4 Roll Pro 2 model.
– The specific warranty terms and conditions may vary, so it is important to check with the manufacturer or retailer for details.