CCM 20 Flex Stick

DEFINITION:CCM 20 Flex Stick: A hockey stick designed and manufactured by CCM, with a flex rating of 20. The flex rating indicates the amount of flexibility the stick has when pressure is applied, with lower numbers representing stiffer sticks and higher numbers indicating more flexible sticks.


1. What does the flex rating of 20 mean?
The flex rating of 20 means that the CCM stick has a moderate amount of flexibility. It is not too stiff or too flexible, providing a balanced feel for players.

2. Who would typically use a 20 flex stick?
A 20 flex stick is suitable for players who have average strength and prefer a balanced feel. It is commonly used by intermediate-level players or those looking for a versatile stick that can support various shooting and passing techniques.

3. Is a higher or lower flex rating better?
The ideal flex rating depends on individual player preferences and playing style. Higher flex ratings allow for a quicker release and more power, while lower flex ratings provide better puck control and accuracy. It is important to find the flex rating that suits your specific needs.

4. Can I cut a 20 flex stick to adjust its length?
Yes, you can cut a 20 flex stick to adjust its length. However, it’s important to consider that cutting the stick will increase its flex, making it slightly more flexible than the original rating. Make sure to find the right length that maintains the desired flex feel.

5. Can I use a 20 flex stick for slapshots?
A 20 flex stick can be used for slapshots, but it may not generate as much power as higher flex sticks. It is generally recommended to use a higher flex stick for more powerful shots, especially for players with stronger upper body strength.

6. Are there different flex ratings available for CCM sticks?
Yes, CCM offers a range of flex ratings for their sticks, typically ranging from 20 to 120. This allows players to choose a flex that aligns with their specific preferences and playing style.

7. Can I use a 20 flex stick for stickhandling?
Absolutely! A 20 flex stick is well-suited for stickhandling. Its moderate flex allows for good puck control and maneuverability, making it a popular choice among players who prioritize their stickhandling skills.