CCM 1092 Tacks

CCM 1092 Tacks are ice hockey skates manufactured by CCM Hockey. These skates are designed to provide high performance, comfort, and durability for players at all levels of the game. They are one of the most popular choices among professional and amateur hockey players.


1. What features make the CCM 1092 Tacks stand out among other ice hockey skates?
The CCM 1092 Tacks boast a variety of features including a durable outer shell, an anatomical fit, improved support and stability, a moisture-wicking liner, and enhanced blade holder for better agility and speed on the ice.

2. Are the CCM 1092 Tacks suitable for beginner ice hockey players?
Yes, the CCM 1092 Tacks are designed to cater to players of all skill levels. Their combination of performance, comfort, and durability makes them a great choice for beginner players looking to improve their game.

3. Can the CCM 1092 Tacks be customized for a better fit?
Absolutely! The CCM 1092 Tacks offer heat-molding technology, allowing players to customize the fit of the skates to their feet. This ensures maximum comfort and a personalized fit, resulting in better performance on the ice.

4. What type of blade holder is used in the CCM 1092 Tacks?
The CCM 1092 Tacks feature the reputable SpeedBlade XS holder, which allows for quick blade changes and provides a secure attachment of the steel blade, enhancing power transfer during skating.

5. Do the CCM 1092 Tacks have any special technology for increased durability?
Yes, the CCM 1092 Tacks incorporate a MetaFrame Technology, which provides enhanced structural stiffness and durability. This technology ensures that the skates can withstand the rigors of the game, even during intense play.

6. What type of hockey player would benefit the most from using the CCM 1092 Tacks?
The CCM 1092 Tacks are perfect for players who emphasize power, stability, and durability. They are particularly popular among forwards and defensemen who require explosive acceleration, quick changes in direction, and reliable support during gameplay.

7. Are the CCM 1092 Tacks available in different sizes and widths?
Yes, the CCM 1092 Tacks come in a variety of sizes and widths, ensuring that players can find the perfect fit for their feet. It is essential to select the right size and width to maximize comfort and performance on the ice.