Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates – Senior

Brief Overview:The Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates are high-quality senior skates designed to enhance performance on the ice. With a combination of comfort, durability, and advanced features, these skates are a popular choice among hockey players.

1. Lightweight construction: The Vapor X3.7 skates feature a lightweight design that allows for quick movements and agility on the ice.
2. Enhanced fit: These skates offer an anatomical fit with a tapered forefoot and standard heel width, providing excellent support and stability.
3. Comfortable interior: The skate’s liner is made from moisture-wicking material to keep feet dry during intense gameplay while providing cushioning for added comfort.
4. Blade performance: Equipped with Tuuk LS Pulse runner blades, these skates deliver superior speed and acceleration on the ice.
5. Durable construction: The boot is constructed using durable materials that can withstand regular use without compromising performance or longevity.


Q1: Are these skates suitable for beginners?
A1: Yes, the Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates are suitable for both beginner and experienced players due to their comfortable fit and enhanced performance features.

Q2: Can I bake these skates at home?
A2: It is recommended to have these skates professionally baked by an authorized retailer to ensure proper customization and fitting.

Q3: Do they come in different widths?
A3: No, the Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates only come in standard width options.

Q4: How long does it take to break-in these skates?
A4: The break-in period varies depending on individual preferences and usage but typically takes several skating sessions before achieving optimal comfort.

Q5: Can I replace the blades on these skates?
A5: Yes, you can easily replace the blades as they use Tuuk LS Pulse runners which are readily available.

Q6: Are these skates suitable for outdoor ice rinks?
A6: While the Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates are primarily designed for indoor use, they can be used on outdoor rinks as well. However, it is important to note that the blades may wear out faster on rougher surfaces.

Q7: How do I clean and maintain these skates?
A7: It is recommended to wipe down the exterior with a damp cloth after each use and allow them to air dry. Regularly inspecting and tightening screws is also advised for optimal performance and safety.

The Bauer Vapor X3.7 Ice Hockey Skates offer a lightweight design, enhanced fit, comfortable interior, excellent blade performance, and durable construction. Suitable for both beginners and experienced players, these skates provide superior performance on the ice while ensuring comfort throughout gameplay.

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