Bauer Supreme Totalone Mx3 Skates

Brief Overview:The Bauer Supreme Totalone Mx3 Skates are high-performance ice hockey skates designed for professional players. These skates offer superior comfort, durability, and performance on the ice.

– Fact 1: The Bauer Supreme Totalone Mx3 Skates feature a thermoformable upper that molds to the player’s foot for a personalized fit.
– Fact 2: These skates utilize the Tuuk Lightspeed Edge blade holder system, allowing for quick and easy blade changes during games or practices.
– Fact 3: The MX3 skates incorporate Bauer’s patented Flex-Lock Pro tongue technology, providing enhanced forward flex and protection against lace bite.
– Fact 4: With their lightweight construction and advanced materials, these skates offer excellent power transfer and agility on the ice.
– Fact 5: The Bauer Supreme Totalone Mx3 Skates have received positive reviews from professional players for their responsiveness and overall performance.


Q1: Are these skates suitable for beginner players?
A1: No, these skates are designed for advanced or professional players due to their high-performance features.

Q2: Can I bake these skates at home to mold them?
A2: It is recommended to have them professionally baked by an authorized dealer to ensure proper molding without damaging the skate material.

Q3: How often should I sharpen the blades of these skates?
A3: Blade sharpening frequency depends on usage but generally should be done every 10-15 hours of ice time or when you notice decreased performance.

Q4: Do they come with any warranty?
A4: Yes, Bauer offers a limited warranty against defects in materials and workmanship. Check with your retailer or Bauer’s website for specific details.

Q5. Can I use aftermarket insoles with these skaters?
A5. Yes, you can use aftermarket insoles as long as they do not interfere with the fit and function of the skates.

Q6: Are replacement parts available for these skates?
A6: Yes, Bauer provides replacement parts such as blades, holders, and tongues that are compatible with the Supreme Totalone Mx3 Skates.

Q7: How do I clean and maintain these skates?
A7: It is recommended to wipe them down after each use to remove moisture. Avoid using harsh chemicals or submerging them in water. Regularly inspect and tighten any loose screws or bolts.

The Bauer Supreme Totalone Mx3 Skates offer advanced features for professional players seeking top performance on the ice. With their personalized fit, quick blade changes, enhanced flex technology, lightweight construction, and positive reviews from professionals, these skates are a reliable choice for serious hockey players.

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