Bauer Supreme Skates 180

Brief Overview:The Bauer Supreme Skates 180 are high-performance ice hockey skates designed for players who demand speed, power, and agility on the ice. These skates offer a combination of advanced technologies and superior materials to provide excellent comfort, fit, and performance.

Supporting Facts:
1. Power Profile: The Bauer Supreme Skates 180 feature a unique Power Profile design that enhances the player’s stride efficiency by increasing energy transfer with every push.
2. Lightweight Construction: These skates utilize lightweight materials such as Tech Mesh quarter package and reinforced Trueform Tech PU in the boot construction to reduce weight without compromising durability.
3. Custom Fit: With an anatomical fit profile, these skates ensure a snug yet comfortable fit for maximum control and responsiveness on the ice.
4. Blade Performance: Equipped with Tuuk LS Pulse TI Edge runners, these skates deliver enhanced stability and improved turning ability for quick direction changes during gameplay.
5. Moisture Management: The integrated HYDRA MAX liner wicks away moisture from the foot, keeping it dry throughout intense game sessions.


Q1: Are Bauer Supreme Skates 180 suitable for beginner players?
A1: While these skates are designed for high-performance players due to their advanced features, beginners can also benefit from their custom-fit design and lightweight construction.

Q2: Can I bake these skates to achieve a better fit?
A2: Yes! The Bauer Supreme Skates 180 can be heat-molded using the Bauer Speed Plate system or traditional oven baking method to achieve a personalized fit.

Q3: Do these skates come with replaceable blades?
A3: Yes, they do! You can easily replace the Tuuk LS Pulse TI Edge runners when needed for optimal blade performance.

Q4: Are these skates suitable for wide feet?
A4: Although they have an anatomical fit profile which tends to be more narrow, Bauer Supreme Skates 180 are available in various widths to accommodate different foot shapes and sizes.

Q5: Can I use these skates for inline hockey?
A5: The Bauer Supreme Skates 180 are specifically designed for ice hockey. For inline hockey, it is recommended to choose skates specifically designed for that purpose.

Q6: How do I maintain and clean these skates?
A6: Regularly wipe the exterior with a damp cloth and mild soap to remove dirt or debris. Use a skate blade guard when not in use and ensure proper drying after each session to prevent moisture buildup.

Q7: Do these skates come with any warranty?
A7: Yes, Bauer offers a limited warranty on manufacturing defects for a specific period of time. Please refer to the manufacturer’s website or contact their customer support for detailed warranty information.

The Bauer Supreme Skates 180 provide high-performance features such as Power Profile design, lightweight construction, custom fit, excellent blade performance, and moisture management. These skates cater to both advanced players seeking speed and agility on the ice as well as beginners looking for comfort and control during gameplay.

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