Bauer Supreme S29 Skate Review

Brief Overview:The Bauer Supreme S29 Skate is a high-performance skate designed for hockey players seeking speed, power, and comfort on the ice. With its advanced features and innovative technologies, this skate offers superior performance and durability.

Answer to the question: Is the Bauer Supreme S29 Skate worth the investment?

1. Enhanced Power Transfer: The boot of the Bauer Supreme S29 Skate is constructed with 3D fiber composite material, providing excellent energy transfer from your foot to the ice.
2. Customizable Fit: The Form-Fit+ footbed and memory foam ankle padding ensure a comfortable fit that molds to your feet over time.
3. Increased Agility: The Tuuk LS Pulse Pro blade holder allows for quick turns and optimal agility on the ice.
4. Improved Durability: The injected TPU outsole provides increased stiffness and longevity, making these skates durable even after rigorous use.
5. Advanced Comfort Features: The Hydra Max liner wicks away moisture while keeping your feet dry and comfortable throughout gameplay.


1. Can I bake these skates to achieve a better fit?
Yes, you can heat mold these skates at home or have them professionally baked for a more customized fit.

2. Are replacement blades readily available for this model?
Yes, replacement blades are easily accessible in most hockey equipment stores or online retailers.

3. How do these compare to higher-end models like the Bauer Vapor line?
While not as advanced as top-tier models like those in the Vapor line, the Supreme S29 still offers exceptional performance at a more affordable price point.

4. Do these skates come with any warranty?
Bauer offers a 90-day limited warranty against manufacturing defects on their products including the Supreme S29 Skates.

5. Are they suitable for players with wide feet?
The Bauer Supreme line is known for its accommodating width options; however, it’s recommended to try them on first or consult with a professional for the best fit.

6. Can I use these skates for recreational skating or only for hockey?
These skates are primarily designed for ice hockey but can be used for recreational skating as well.

7. How often should I sharpen the blades on these skates?
The frequency of blade sharpening depends on factors such as usage and personal preference, but generally, it’s recommended to sharpen them every 10-15 hours of ice time.

The Bauer Supreme S29 Skate is an excellent investment for hockey players looking to enhance their performance on the ice. With its advanced features, customizable fit, and durability, these skates offer great value at a more affordable price point compared to higher-end models.

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